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Baler Belts & Accessories


Say you want pizza for dinner. There are two restaurants located side by side, with similar prices, that both serve pizza. One is a 3rd generation Italian family pizza parlor and the other is a chain restaurant that also serves, burgers, fried chicken, and barbecue. If you want the best pizza, you are going to choose the Italian restaurant because it’s clear that pizza is their passion. Well rubber belting is our passion. Don’t you think it’s a smart choice to get your belting from a business that’s been engineering and manufacturing it for sixty years? We’ll prove to you just how smart in our latest test results below.

WCCO did a test comparison of its 3-ply diamond top baler belt against our top competitors (the percentages shown are based on the three competitor’s average). 

Belt performance is tied to the type and quality of fabric it’s manufactured with. So in order to manufacture the highest quality rubber products, WCCO engineers custom fabrics for our customer’s specific applications.

And our baler belt test results prove the advantage of doing so. WCCO baler belting uses 100% polyester fabric that’s made with tightly packed yarns to increase belt strength. A stronger fabric makes for a stronger belt, which explains WCCO’s dominance in the data. When our competitors choose a more loosely woven fabric with less yarns, it drops the cost but at the significant expense of belt quality.