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FastLime Liquid Calcium Feeder | 265 Gallons | Tote
FastLime Liquid Calcium Feeder | 265 Gallons | Tote

FastLime Liquid Calcium Feeder | 265 Gallons | Tote

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Why FastLime Liquid Calcium as a Plant Nutrient Booster and Yield Booster?

FastLime Liquid calcium presents growers with an alternative solution to boost calcium applications. The importance of calcium as an essential plant nutrient in the soil is often overlooked. Too many times, when soil tests show a low pH the immediate reaction is to spread more lime. However, ag lime tends to be insoluble and can take years to break down and show its effectiveness. In fact, the odds are good that your soil may already contain more undissolved, unused limestone than soil tests are calling for.

Basically, FastLime // QuickLime // CalciumDirect liquid calcium is different than lime because it will be absorbed by your plants as a nutrient boosting agent in the first 3-6 months no matter if you use 2 or 10 gallon per acre (compared to 1-3 tons of mined limestone, which typically will take 3 to 4 years for total nutrient break down). 

Rather than just looking at soil pH, an effective soil test should also include the quantity of soluble calcium (measured in ppm or %) and the Calcium % Base Saturation in the soil. The pH alone is not a valid indicator of soluble calcium levels in soils. For example, when pure sand is analyzed it has a neutral pH but has no available calcium.

FastLime Calcium is the key nutrient for plant development based on numerous university studies. FastLime Liquid calcium provides this building block for all plants. This product will give you more robust growing and volume yields under normal situations depending on which type plant being grown.  To set and achieve this goal, apply liquid calcium every year to produce healthier plants and soil so your Sungrazer Brand bermudagrass or your own forage type or even your field crops will grow healthy for many years to come.  

FastLime Liquid Calcium Benefits in Plants
  • Increases Crop Weight 
  • Increase Forage Yields
  • Increases Quality in TDN Forage Levels
  • Improves Nitrogen Efficiency Uptake
  • Improves Phosphorus Efficiency Uptake
  • Improves Potassium Efficiency Uptake
  • Improves Micronutrient Efficiency Uptake
  • Improves Moisture Uptake
  • Improves Density to Root Systems  
  • Supplies Available Calcium
  • Easy Application

FastLime Calcium increased ammonium absorption caused by calcium has interesting results. Photosynthesis increases, and greater amounts of carbon dioxide are captured by the plant from the air, which increases the plant’s organic building blocks. When plants absorb more ammonium, less nitrogen remains in the soil and is subject to leaching. Also, surplus nitrogen absorbed by plants is stored and is available to promote growth all season. In trials, both bermudagrass and ryegrass showed this effect, with denser growth and color (chlorophyll-photosynthesis) throughout the season.

When FastLime and nitrogen from Foliar Feeder Plus III is applied to soils, the nitrogen can quickly convert to nitrate, especially in the summer (The presence of nitrate does not hinder the plant’s use of ammonium.) Thus, the fertilizer application method and time of year could become important in very high western heat levels. The best results from the calcium- fertilizer technology are obtained in the weather of late winter and spring, although fertilizer may need to be applied at other times in the growing season. Foliar application of the calcium-fertilizers is a good solution. In fact, foliar applications have produced significant benefits in research trials, at a rate of 1 to 2 gallons of FastLime calcium per acre. Logically, plant stimulation could not be expected unless soil nitrogen (probably in nitrate form) is present. This means that we can use FastLime calcium-Foliar Feeder Plus III, applied foliarly, as a means of extracting soil nitrate, which makes this technology an excellent environmental and agronomic tool. Furthermore, the low rate of calcium that can be used in foliar applications reduces the risk of leaf burn, yet seems to trigger the same beneficial effects as soil-applied product.

Perhaps the most beneficial effect of applying FastLime calcium with Foliar Feeder Plus III products is that plants change their normal pattern of depositing energy stores (carbohydrates, metabolites).

Rice, Wheat, Barley, Oat, Triticale seed weights increased 14% when extra calcium was applied at seed pre-fill stage. Research has shown that the optimum amount of calcium to apply is 1 gallon of fastlime calcium per 3 gallons of foliar feeder. This rate increases yields from 14 to 50 percent.


Calcium (Derived from Calcium Chloride)10%

Application - Hay and Pasture
  • Apply 1-2 gallons per acre for Assurance Guarantee Program Performance 
  • Apply in 1-2 gallon increments per acre per application 30 to 45 days apart, if desired, for maximum grass production. 
  • Apply 2-5 gallons per acre with all Liquid N applications to improve nitrogen absorption
  • Apply up to 7 days ahead of planting your Sungrazer 777 Bermudagrass seeds or any planted seeds products. 
Application - Field Crops
  • Apply 1/2 gallon - 1 gallons per acre direct in furrow injection with later side dress applications if desired or overtop foliar sprays available to plant no deeper than 6"
  • Top broadcast rate 1 gallon - 2 gallon broadcast with follow up plow in pre-plant
  • Over top plant applications at 30-45 day intervals
  • Over the top applications with chemical spray application are recommended up to bloom set based on a 30-45 day application windows
  • 1 gallon per acre monthly through irrigation system is required if applicable

Using calcium in irrigation water or foliar applications increases proper plant health nutrient transfers with added water needs in or around plants (Foliar or Root transfers). Calcium in irrigation water can serve as a valuable source of crop nutrition release for your plants.

Properly using this calcium requires an accurate chemical analysis of the water and an estimate of the amount of water applied (not necessary but recommended to analysis what water concentration level contains). Plants only take up calcium - nitrate when the crop is transpiring.

Irrigating with the calcium-enriched water when the plants are small or when transpiration is low will always assist with micronutrients uptake at a much higher efficiency. Good irrigation practices are required to properly apply water as needs arise and effectively use of calcium to boost nutrients uptake along with other nutrient source a plant may possible need.

The "Four Rights" (4Rs) Of Fertilizer Application

Applying the right nutrient source at the right rate, at the right time in the growing season and in the right place.

Adding Liquid Calcium will also boost nitrogen production in soil. Nitrogen fertilizer added to soil is susceptible to a variety of chemical and microbial transformations that make it challenging to manage. Using the 4R principles provides the best approach to getting the maximum amount of the all-important nutrient into the plant (corn or cotton crop for example), while minimizing losses to the environment.


For New Generation True forage or crop enrichment boosters go with: 

Treatment Area
  • 265 Acres at 1 gal per acre
  • 132 acres at 2 gal per acre
  • 53 acres at 5 gal per acre
  • 26 acres at 10 gal per acre
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