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Faster Pasture Heavyweight Ryegrass | Newest Ryegrass Available .. The Very Best | 50 Lb Bag
Faster Pasture Heavyweight Ryegrass | Newest Ryegrass Available .. The Very Best | 50 Lb Bag

Faster Pasture Heavyweight Ryegrass | Newest Ryegrass Available .. The Very Best | 50 Lb Bag

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We are excited to introduce the next heavy hitter in pasture ryegrass production! New and improved Faster Pasture Heavyweight Ryegrass is a Flying A (diploid) + TAMTBO (tetraploid) ryegrass mix. Both have ranked #1 in forage production for 4 year averages at the Overton trials. It is even better than our original WinterHawk+WD-40 Ryegrass you have been accustomed to over past years.

If you want the newest number #1 sold ryegrasses in the USA with the very best forage production of all ryegrasses, this is it!

This ryegrass will provide very fast early forage yields, a sustained late yield and high pasture and hay production. It really speaks for itself and is another one of our products you must try. It is designed to give you a maximum growth rate. It's even better than even our previous popular original WD-40 Ryegrass.

Faster Pasture Heavyweight Ryegrass is the #1 nutritional grazing grass on the market for all livestock animals according to recent studies by major agricultural universities. Ryegrass is best for weight gain on calves, milk production on cows, and bull development.

  • Offers highest forage rate of the top 8 ryegrass tested in the nation
  • Designated the fastest growing ryegrass for early forage grazing from our breeding programs
  • Rated as the #1 weight gain for your calves
  • Plants can ready 22" to 31" of growth in less than 30-50 days
  • Plants can reach 25" to 31" within 75 to 80 days with a simple fertilizer and adequate moisture routine
  • With up to 4,000 lbs more production growth in the spring than other rygrasses
  • Even better than our Winterhawk+WD-40 ryegrass
  • Fast producer for best weight gains on calf and sheep 15 years straight
  • Offers the highest Total Digestible Nutrients (TDN) levels in the USA. This means more money in your pocket.
  • 40 to 50 lbs per acre | Maximum yield for heavy stock grazing and hay production
  • 35 lbs per acre | Sufficient for medium heavy grazing
  • 10 to 20 lbs per acre | Mixed into wheat, oats, or rye fields

Ryegrass grows best when the soil temperatures are between 45° F and 65° F. When the daytime air temperatures are between 55° F and 75° F on a regular basis, the soil temperature is probably at the optimum level. It is not recommended to plant the seeds after the higher temperatures of summer are here as the plants will go dormant causing more trouble than it is worth. The best time to plant your ryegrass is when the fall temperatures are down to 75° F and are dropping as fall and winter approaches.

Alternately, you have the option to plant the seeds in the spring when temperatures have reached 55° F on a regular basis and are rising. However, it is NOT the best time to plant ryegrass and you should consider a fall planting if it is an option.

If left uncut, Annual Ryegrass normally reaches a height of 3 to 7 feet and will reseed itself to flourish year after year. It shows vigorous growth in both the spring and fall.


If you want to have the maximum production of your ryegrass, you should fertilize the soil before planting the seed. This should be applied as a fertilizer mixture of 17-17-17 (300 lbs per acre) and Ammonium Sulfate (AMS) 21-0-0-17 (100 lbs per acre).

iI mid to late February into mid March, after your ryegrass starts to grow, you should apply a topdress fertilizer of 39-0-0-5S (300 lbs per acre).

Through leaf tissue analysis, it's shown that through absorption of residual nitrogen, annual ryegrass can return approximately 1-1/2 pounds of nitrogen to the soil for every 100 pounds of dry matter plowed down. With time ryegrass can increase the friability of heavy soils and add bulk to light soils.


Hay production starts around May 1st and into July depending on your location. Remove cattle or livestock March 1st for maximum hay production in May.


Faster Pasture Heavyweight Ryegrass is the best cool season nutrient grass you can feed to any livestock animals. To top it all off, HORSES LOVE THIS GRASS!!

The following shows the amount of pasture needed per animal according to the USDA-NRCS guidelines.

  • 10,000 square feet | Cattle, Horses, Mules, Burros, Donkeys, Bison Buffalo, Water Buffalo, Yak, Pig, Elk, Red Stag
  • 5,000 square feet | Llamas, Alpacas, Sheep, Goats, Deer of all type
  • 500 square feet | Rabbits & All Poultry

Fasture Pasture Heavyweight Ryegrass seed comes in 50 lb bags and is the newest Americas Seed & Belting brand ryegrass in a 50/50 mixture and will ship from the Americas Seed & Belting Warehouse in Texas.

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