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Balansa Fixation White Clover (50% Coated) | 50 Lb Bag

Balansa Fixation White Clover (50% Coated) | 50 Lb Bag

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FIXatioN has a unique rosette growth pattern and an attractive flower. Its pink-to-white flower is a fantastic pollinator attractant. One plant can have over 30 flowers and produces a sweet and uniquely flavored honey. FIXatioN has extensive growth. Its stems can grow up to 10ft long and support up to 3 ft. of growth!

During the first stage of development, most of FIXatioN's growth occurs below the surface of the soil. The plant needs to establish its robust root system to support vigorous top growth that occurs later. In the northern states, the clover will remain dormant in the winter. When ambient temperatures warm up in the spring, the growth begins. FIXatioN is not a host for soybean cyst nematodes.