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24" Flexco Manual Roller Lacer®
24' Flexco Manual Roller Lacer®

24" Flexco Manual Roller Lacer®

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  • Category:Lacing Tools

Flexco Roller Lacer® 24" can lace combinations of narrower belts that total 24” or less in width and can continuous lace wider belts in minutes.

Twin hardened steel rollers embed fasteners one at a time to assure maximum clinch and create a strong, long-lasting splice.

Precision facestrip simplifies hook loading. Long-wearing reinforced nylon guide blocks reduce friction and provide for smooth operation of roller head.

Flexco Roller Lacer® Gold Class™ can be driven by a cordless drill for easy operation.

Category: Lacing Tools

Description: 24" Flexco Manual Roller Lacer®


Flexco Manual Roller Lacer Installation Instructions

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