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Conveyor Belts


We’ve found that a common misconception in the belting industry is that rubber provides belt strength. The reality is rubber is heavy, expensive, and can hinder belt performance if used in an improper rubber-to-fabric ratio.

The truth is a belt gets its strength from its fabric. Because WCCO understands a fabric’s relevance during the engineering and manufacturing process, WCCO has a textile engineer on staff and we custom design fabrics by application type to ensure our finished products exceed performance expectations.

COBRA™ 2-PLY, 150 LB Belt Construction

WCCO’s COBRA™ belt construction is a premium design for applications that require flexing and trough-ability.

The fabric within COBRA™ is a plain-weave, polyester-nylon filament fabric. Engineered with nylon filaments in the weft direction, it promotes curving and flexibility during operation. The COBRA™ belt construction is available in multiple texture, pattern, and cleat options.

Microscopic view of COBRA™ filament threads and plainweave.