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Did you know Americas Seed & Belting is your round baler belt website and draper belts website for WCCO Belting, Inc.’s rubber belting products in your area?

We purchase products from WCCO because of its reputation as one of the highest quality rubber product manufacturers in the world. Don’t put your equipment at risk with inferior belting that is being imported and resold by a fabricator. Contact us at Americas Seed & Belting and we’ll get you the products you need to keep you in the field.

So what’s the difference between a belt fabricator and a manufacturer?

A fabricator imports premade belting (much from the Far East), modifies it using secondary processes such as gluing and skiving, then distributes the belting to customers as its own product. Americas Seed & Belting sources products that are manufactured to order and come hot of the press, not the shelf. Each product you will receive is given a tracking number for proof of manufacture and lot traceability that tracks backwards through vulcanization, calendering, rubber compound mixing, fabric weaving, and yarn creation.

American jobs. American technology. American strength. Buy American.

The rubber products sourced by Americas Seed & Belting are made in the United States. Our rubber product knowledge, industry experience, and close relationship with the manufacturer help us to provide our customers with high value solutions. As a result, we provide superior American-made rubber products that can compete against any other supplier in the world.