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HONEY BEE AirFLEX SDX | 30' Cut | LH/RH Side Draper Belt | (41.75" x 286") | MFG 89048
HONEY BEE AirFLEX SDX (41.75" x 286") | 30' Cut

HONEY BEE AirFLEX SDX | 30' Cut | LH/RH Side Draper Belt | (41.75" x 286") | MFG 89048

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Part Number:HH-1014314

WCCO Belting, Inc. is the largest supplier of OEM harvest header drapers in the world. Since the harvest header market has been transitioning from traditional auger headers to more modern belted headers, it is estimated that two out of three new headers now contain draper belting. Belted headers will increase your capacity and decrease product loss, operate with an even feed, work with flex designs, and are less in weight compared to traditional augers.

WCCO’s patented RAPTOR™ Belting uses 100% polyester filament fabric with a friction coating capability. Filament will always outperform a similar spun fabric with higher tensile, tear, and puncture resistance; the fabric is also less volatile in pricing and is more readily in supply. Until RAPTOR™ technology, it was nearly impossible to friction coat filament fabric because the surface was too smooth for the rubber to form a strong bond. Our draper features a friction coat on the underside of the belt which reduces weight and drag, and it uses a skim coat on the topside of the belt for optimal protection. RAPTOR™ draper belting has higher strength properties, superior durability, and has more stable market pricing compared to other conventional draper options.

WCCO’s RAPTOR™ draper belting also features an innovative teardrop-shaped fiberglass reinforcement rod inside of the cleat for increased stiffness, making the Raptor significantly stiffer in the cross direction than its competition.


Belt size (Inches): 41.75" Wide x 286" Long

Belt Type: LH/RH Side Draper Belt

Cut (FT): 30'

Mfg No: 89048

Weight per belt: 48 lbs

This belt is pre-cut to length and comes with all appropriate OEM style connection parts (e.g. bars, tubes, pins) needed for installation on your piece of equipment!